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Storms Bring Challenges & Blessings

Gardeners everywhere are sometimes challenged and other times blessed by what nature and the environment delivers. The South shore of Nova Scotia experienced an intense storm on January 4th that left not only coastal damage but also what many refer … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Climates

Along with our neighbours throughout Atlantic Canada, residents in the Municipality of Chester have been subjected to record-breaking snowfalls and cold temperatures this winter. Most residents were obliged to grin and bear the vagaries of disrupted schedules of work, school, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Veil: “Bee” Prepared for Winter

Garden Club Member, Dave Adams, presents his third article below on the art of beekeeping.  Again, we encourage other members to share their gardening experiences here on the blog.  Now that the last of the late fall flowers like asters … Continue reading

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Clogs that Don’t Really Matter

As a pair of garden clogs, we twins get stuffed in the closet pretty much all winter.  If we’re lucky, we get cleaned up before then.  Usually not, though.  This forced hiatus typically gives us a lot of time for … Continue reading

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Early Spring Blooms

An Arctic high, sweeping down over our region for the last few weeks,  continues to affect our temperatures this Spring.  Despite the cold, a number of early bloomers are adding their bright colours to Chester gardens.  On the right, a … Continue reading

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Witch-hazel – Welcome in Winter

Witch-hazel, more formally known as Hamamelis, is a deciduous shrub that produces blooms over the autumn-to-early-spring period, depending on the variety.  The Hamamelis Jelena seen below adds a welcome spot of colour to a winter woodland garden in February. The … Continue reading

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Changing Winter Light

Like much of the north-east sector of our continent, Nova Scotia has been subjected to extremely cold weather in the past week. In fact January has seen a continuation of the fluctuating temperatures that have produced alternating periods of freezing … Continue reading

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