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Rhododendrons 101

Members and guests of Chester Garden Club’s were recently treated to an informative presentation by Cora Swinamer, president of the Atlantic Rhododendron and Horticultural Society.   Cora, whose firm Under the Arbor has been designing gardens for clients along Nova Scotia’s … Continue reading

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More Rain-splashed Rhododendrons

Continuing with more photos from Chester gardens on a rainy day, here is a close-up of an Azalea “Chelsea Reach”, which has a captivating perfume, even on a damp day. The gardener whose rhodos are shown in the photo above … Continue reading

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On the Inside Looking Out

Finally, we’re into late February, and we’re longing for a touch of Spring.  Today, the view outside our window is one of snowy fields and leaden skies.  The sun visited for a few hours yesterday afternoon but soon disappeared behind … Continue reading

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Witch-hazel – Welcome in Winter

Witch-hazel, more formally known as Hamamelis, is a deciduous shrub that produces blooms over the autumn-to-early-spring period, depending on the variety.  The Hamamelis Jelena seen below adds a welcome spot of colour to a winter woodland garden in February. The … Continue reading

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Summer Gardens: Pretty in Pink

As we enter the lazy hazy days of summer, the temperature in Chester has been fluctuating from warm to hot to cool again but  gardens are flourishing. The ring of climbing roses  above (a mix of  “old moss” and the paler cuisses de … Continue reading

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Colourful and Fragrant Blooms

Perhaps inspired by the proliferation of blooms around them, Chester gardeners took advantage of warm weather last week to devote themselves to garden chores and to invest in yet another season’s worth of new plantings.  Some new plantings along with a few old favourites are … Continue reading

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Spring Sale Draws the Gardening Crowd

With springtime temperatures that have occasionally ventured up into summer levels, trees and shrubs in the Chester region have been pushing their spring growth with surprising vigor.  Perhaps it was that bountiful display of blossoms (like those of the ornamental crabapple tree on … Continue reading

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